Funchal Madeira – If My Grandmother Were A City

<img src="madeira-funchal-portugal.jpg" alt="Funchal Madeira Portugal" />

Funchal Madeira, from the vantage point of the Cruise Ship pier

Trip Advisor recently compiled a great list of European cities with an impressive array of Street Art. These open-air museums are a brilliant outdoor alternative for immersing oneself in a city’s local color.

I have to amend their list by adding my favorite installation: Arte de Portas Abertas (Art of Open Doors), located in Funchal Madeira. Funchal is the capital and main city, on the Portuguese Island of Madeira. Several cruise lines frequent the port of Funchal May through October, and for good reason. A beloved Grand Dame of a city, Funchal embodies the perfect fusion of old world charm and elegance – with the creature comforts of a major metropolis. The dining here, especially seafood, is out of this world!

<img src="img_3659.jpg" alt="Rua de Santa Maria Funchal" />

Above and below: One of the oldest streets in Funchal, Rua de Santa Maria retains its beauty and panache!

<img src="img_3666.jpg" alt="Rua De Santa Maria Funchal" />

I was exploring the narrow cobblestone streets of the Zona Velha (Old Town) when I discovered a marvelous art work-in-progress.  The Arte de Portas Abertas is a public art program devoted to transforming  Funchal’s Old Town into a permanent outdoor art gallery. Presently there are over 200 works of arts, created mostly on the doors of the district’s historic buildings, some dating back to the 15th century. Here is just a small sampling…

<img src="door-panorama_web.jpg" alt="Arte-de-Portas-Abertas-Funchal" />

<img src="img_3741_web.jpg" alt="Artist- t work Arte de Portas Abertas" />

A work in progress

<img src="img_3747_web.jpg" alt="Arte de Portas Abertas with dog" />

Art is for everyone!

For more information, visit:

<img src="img_3749_web.jpg" alt="Funchal rugged waterfront" />

Rough hewn black beaches bespeak Madeira’s volcanic origins

<img src="img_3703_web.jpg" alt="Fortress Funchal Madeira" />


8 responses to “Funchal Madeira – If My Grandmother Were A City

  1. Truly amazing effort from the Funchal citizens, Nancy! Street art could turn even a backward small town into a tourist destination – there are so many and so talented young people these days.
    Kudos to all those guys making our streets so beautiful – and original!
    Thanx for the great post! 😉

  2. Hi Nancy, Brenda sent me this link to your blog recently; it couldn’t be more perfect since my husband and I will be going to Madeira (staying in Funchal) in late August! Your pictures are gorgeous, and I look forward to seeking out the Arte de Portas Abertas “exhibit”. 🙂 Joana

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