Welcome to Willemstad, Curacao


The brightly hued island of Curacao, 42 miles east of Aruba, is part of the ABC chain of islands (which also includes Aruba and Bonaire). According to legend an early governor suffered from migraines and so mandated the pastel-colored houses, now trademark on the island, because white paint aggravated his condition.Whatever the reason, approaching the city by cruise ship and spotting buildings in shades of cotton-candy pink and deep, ocean blue, is uplifting and immensely inviting.


I visited Curacao several times in the winter of 2003 when I was a production singer for a European cruise ship. Back then I was much less familiar with the historical and cultural significance of these islands, as my friends and I were more geared toward beach adventures and marine animal encounters.

We docked in Willemstad at 7:00am this morning. In the afternoon my friend and Deborah and I ventured into shopping district perpendicular to the multihued facades dotting the harbor. We were intent on returning to a shop we discovered six months ago on our last visit here. TOUS is a family run design brand based in Barcelona with just a few boutiques in Europe, Asia, the US and Curacao. They specialize in the creation of dramatically unique jewelry, handbags and fragrances. From gilded rose petal earrings and pendants to teddy bear rings rendered from Murano glass, their creations are bold, eye-catching and irresistibly whimsical. Equally as eye-catching was Ram from Bombay, the gracious sales associate who took care of us.


TOUS ~ Breedestraat 40 ~ Willemstad, Curacao



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