Ode to the Neighbors


Last summer my family and I spent two blissful weeks at a beach house in Fairhaven Massachusetts. Fairhaven is a lovely seaside community on the shore of Buzzards Bay, directly across the harbor from the famed whaling port of New Bedford (Herman Mellville departed from the port of Fairhaven aboard the whaling ship, Acushnet, in 1841).
One of New England’s best kept secrets, Fairhaven is brimming with history dating back to the Pilgrims; the town’s most remarkable features are the magnificent European-style public buildings built between 1885 and 1906. There are also beaches, recreational marinas and numerous historical landmarks.
We created some wonderful family memories this past summer and re-awakened some from my childhood. As Fairhaven was my father’s birthplace we have been coming here for years. The only downside of this visit was the location of our rental house which was situated next to a boat launch, hence lots of noise and traffic during the afternoon and evening. That and our boorish albeit kind-hearted neighbors who kept partying on the front lawn…

Your thoughts?

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