On our most recent stop in Costa Rica I took the “Skywalk” shore excursion to a nearby rainforest. We hiked about one and a half miles through jungle trails (no machete necessary) and crossed several suspension bridges with fabulous views of the flora and fauna.

It was midday by the time we began our hike and the temperature had soared well into the 90s. The songs and cries of the rainforest inhabitants played in surround sound, still not a critter in sight. Perhaps to our oblivion there were millions of eyes looking down on us, like in the old cartoons. To this city girl it seemed too darn hot for the local inhabitants to step outside the air-conditioned foliage, until…



I think the toucan felt sorry for us, coming all this way only to be met by a grey hawk and a pair of lizards. We had been bouncing back and forth across the very last suspension bridge for a while, looking for an exotic face to match the cacophony of screeches and whistles, when he offered his profile from a nearby tree hollow. He posed, unfazed by the paparazzi for several minutes, and remained in place as we giddily headed back up the trail toward ‘civilization’.

We saw the crocodiles while driving along the Tarcola River on the way back to the ship. I felt badly no one stopped to warn the egret.



One response to “Skywalk

  1. Live Toucan! How cool is that? (Why do we assume it's a “he”? Must be the nose….)

    I liked your comment in the earlier post about Antigua and Cartagena.

    It's such a complex thing you must face in your passengers every day, that simultaneous desire for adventure and experiencing “the other” on one hand, and the fear of being victimized on the other hand. Cruises must be such a weird amalgam of that. Are some cruise lines more adventurous than others?

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